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    Kyram is a social app founded on the concept that sports unites us all. In a time where the world has become more and more divided, we want to provide an easy solution to connect unite people. We merge the gap between dating and fitness apps. We connect people sharing the same sport-related: interests, fitness levels, and goals and encourage them to train together (online or face to face).

  • How?

    We connect people beyond genders and dating preferences. Through machine learning, we unite people sharing common goals, common sport and wellness interests and provide the opportunity to our users to create sport-related events.

  • Why?

    Sport exists outside the social, political, and economic realms of society and we believe it has the potential to bring people back together in a healthy and positive way! For this we consider all sports, Paralympic sports included

  • How can you be part of it?

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What do you get with the premium version of Kyram?

Unlimited swipes
1 boost swipe per month
Chance to create & cancel unlimited events
Able to join any events
Choose your geolocalisation
Avoid Adverts between swipes
Be able to contact any member of Kyram, without being matched
You can view all the people liking you


Recent studies have confirmed the multiple benefits of training with a partner or a team.

  • Boost your motivation
  • Improve your performances
  • Training with someone is better for your physical and emotional health
  • You can make new friends, and join a community of like-minded people
  • You can find or create new training events of thousands of different sports anywhere anytime you wish and build your own community.
  • You can keep up with the latest news on nutrition and wellness through our blog, and summary of peer-reviewed scientific journals

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If you leave your email and you subscribe - you will get the first 3 months of our premium version for free.

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